Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Year of Doing Nothing (post 2.01)

So here I am on the first of February, wondering where January went.

I'm laughing at myself this evening.  I'm thinking about how difficult it is to do nothing.  You would think that I would find it easy to post every day.  After all, doing nothing should leave a lot time for posting.

In the past three weeks we have had several major snowstorms, several school cancellations and/or early dismissals, and work reschedulings.  Each major snowstorm brings with it the interesting challenge of shoveling out three vehicles and juggling each around ten parking lots at the condominimum so that the plows can do their job.  We've decided that snowstorms here at our condominium are a community bonding event.

It seems just yesterday I was redecorating the Christmas tree.  In the midst of these disruptions, we have had some meaningful family time, ...mostly welcome, ...usually treasured.   I also had to put together and run my workshop, "Yoga for Life Transitions", which a friend gently reminded me was not exactly "doing nothing". 

Two difficulties of householder practice: 1) life doesn't get into a rhythm, much less a predictable rhythm, and 2) uninterrupted stretches of time are difficult to come by. This is true for everyone, I think, but even more so for people who have caretaker responsibilities. 

Do deeper practices require regular stretches of  uninterrupted time? If so, I may be doomed.  Again, I find myself returning to inspiration from Pema Chodron.